Order Management

OrderSweet integrates with your WooCommerce store so you can manage your orders and profitability with actionable insight.

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OrderSweet is the layer of knowledge on top of WooCommerce that we needed!

Natasha Sanders, Born2Shop
Profit First
Real-time Profitability Calculations

OrderSweet calculates profitability in real-time on every single item and order. Input cost breakdowns for your products, upgrades, and shipping so you always know what items and orders are the most profitable (and why).

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Granular Status Control
Line Item Statuses

Assign statuses and actions to individual items, not just entire orders. Seamlessly manage multiple shipping tracking numbers within a single order, and trigger order status emails to your customers based statuses.

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Action Oriented
Know What Requires Action

Stop orders from slipping through the cracks. Define which statuses require your action to surface those orders on an easy-to-use dashboard. Quickly see important information like what orders are overdue, which ones need to be shipped, or anything else you need to act on.

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Clear Statuses
Status-Triggered Customer Emails

Automate customer communication with status-triggered email templates based on order status changes and other actions. Regular communication increases customer confidence and allows you to stay one step ahead!

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How it Works

Single Platform

New Orders and Products are synced to your OrderSweet.

Fine-Tune Your Workflow

In OrderSweet, you manage item-level statuses, profitability and required actions for the order.

Continuous Syncing

Once all items in the order are complete, the Complete status is synced back to WooCommerce.

The order is managed from end-to-end without ever needing the log into Wordpress.


Manage Order

Orders Synced from WooCommerce

Order Metrics (Order Total, Total Profit)

Line Item Statuses

File Attachments

Order Notes and Audit Trail

Shipping Dates (Expected and Actual)

Shipment Tracking Numbers (with live links to shipper)

Action Statuses

Status-triggered Order Actions

Admin Notifications for Order Actions

Status-triggered Customer Emails

Products and Suppliers

Products Synced from WooCommerce

Set the Cost of Each Product

Set a Supplier for Each Product

Optional: Set Variable Costs per Product

Optional: Set Variable Suppliers per Product

Simple Pricing

Simple pricing designed to scale with you.

Try OrderSweet! It’s completely free for the first 100 orders.


WooCommerce 2-way Sync

Order Management


Grow your customer-base with automated communication.


WooCommerce 2-way Sync

Order Management

500 Email Notifications

Email Template Builder


Gain powerful insighted off of every single Woo transaction.


WooCommerce 2-way Sync

Order Management

1,000 Email Notifications

Email Template Builder

Advanced Reporting

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Ready to get in control
of your WooCommerce store?